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Love the ease, efficiency and simplicity of the product and the set up. Cleans well without the harsh chemicals that make you cough and hate being in your clean house. Would highly recommend to everyone.

Dish Soap Pack

Works great on dishes. I may switch to using a long-handled brush but I understand that having a long-handled brush sitting on the counter next to the soap all the time would not be aesthetically pleasing. I still might prefer a glass container with a spray-liquid in it but don’t know how that would work in a kitchen.

Awesome cleaning products!

I am so happy with the Green Llama laundry detergent and all-purpose cleaning spray! They clean very effectively and I feel great knowing I am using products that are safe for my family and my dog. The owners of the company are very involved and truly care about making great products. The customer service has been fantastic and I will definitely be ordering again!!

Best detergent ever!

I seriously love this detergent. I have always struggled with sensitive skin, and I was really hesitant to try a new detergent, but the one I was using before came in a big plastic bottle and I hated using all that plastic. I'm thrilled that after using a full bag of this detergent, it seems to agree with my skin! It cleans well, is very affordable, and I love that it uses sustainable packaging.

Organic Cotton Multipurpose Towels

I actually use these to hand wash dishes
and glassware. The towels rinse off so easily with coconut soap and hot water and are ready to use again next time.
And they ARE saving me from buying so many paper towels!

Works Perfectly!

I love Green Llama Fragrance Free Detergent!

All- Purpose Cleaner

I absolutely love this cleaner! Not only does it do a fabulous job cleaning, it also smells so good!


I am super happy with my expert clean package! I love keeping my cleaning routine simple and friendly my four legged baby! My husband and I farm so finding a product that will actually get the mud and grease has been a challenge but the laundry powder does great!

Get the Scoop!!!

Why not get the scoop?! :)
You’ll be able to measure out 60 perfect scoops of laundry powder to get 60 loads per bag! With the scoop you won’t end up over using the powder which makes your purchase more cost effective!

Just What I Needed!!!

Fragrance & PVA Free Laundry Detergent: Thank you for offering fragrance free! The product got my clothes nice and clean with no artificial fragrance! And WOW! - SIXTY loads!
Gotta love that!!! Will definitely purchase again!!!

All Products are FABULOUS!!!

Tried the starter home cleaner bundle,
fragrance free organic laundry detergent,
wooden scoop, and unscented all purpose replacement tablets as I
prefer unscented things. Perfect for the environment! Superior customer service!
Very very happy with my purchase!!!

Using Green makes it clean

I love this product! It just contains cleaning agents so it is not camouflaged with fragrance and PVA like other brands used to hide that they don’t clean the clothes, so thank you!

Scoop size

I honestly haven’t even used the soap yet. I bought it in a store and the bag does not mention anywhere that it does not come with a scoop. So I go online and try to find the correct amount to use, and can’t find that info anywhere other than the site telling me to buy their scoop.

Update: adding some stars. They reached out and sent me a scoop! The soap is amazing! I still think the packaging is ridiculous, so hopefully this is something they improve upon in the future

Hi Conor,

Thank you for bringing your concerns to our attention. We sincerely appreciate your feedback and are glad to hear you're enjoying the soap now that you've received the scoop. We recognize the importance of clear instructions and are committed to updating the packaging in our next iteration to ensure a better experience for all our customers. Your insights are invaluable to us as we strive to improve. Thank you for helping us enhance our product and service.

Best wishes
Green Llama Team

Dish soap bar

Great. Suds up nicely and doesn't have a "soapy" smell, or leave a residue. I put a few drops of peppermint oil on mine which makes it smell nice and fresh.

The best

I have been trying various dish cleaning plastic free solutions, amongst them Zero Waste dish soap bar and brush and Etee liquid dishwasher liquid and sponge. I must say, hands down Green Llama has absolutely the best dish scrub brush. I wish they offered them for a subscription price. It lasted way longer than Zero Waste scrub brush. It was very easy to work with coupled with their dish soap bar. Yes, the dish soap bars can get a little messy, but after running out of the Green Llama product, I thought I would try Etee liquid dish soap along with their natural sponge, and now I hate doing dishes. I just reordered Green Llama dishwashing products. From now on I will stick with what works!

Wooden Laundry Scoop
Norma Morrison
Wooden laundry scoop

The wooden scoop is helpful in using the great laundry detergent!

Magic formula!

If you’ve tried green cleaning products before, you know that they leave something to be desired. Not the case with green llama all purpose! This stuff is like magic!!!

Great product!

The subscription is so convenient! And it’s great to know just by doing laundry we vote for a sustainable future

Product is fantastic!

Best way to clean dishes. So easy to use, great ability to clean, effective.

Not bad! Construction came a little questionable, but I support small businesses :)

There were some splitting bamboo strands on the sides or bottom of the tray, but overall, not bad. I also had expected there to be an actual bottom layer so water wouldn't seep out of the container, but I probably should have asked about product construction before buying (instead of just guessing based off of the pictures).

Glass Cleaner

This stuff is amazing!

Green Llama at it again!

All products are great! Do yourself and your loved ones a favor and buy your household some Green Llama!

A Great Laundry Detergent!

I love all of Green Llama’s products-especially the laundry detergent!

10/10 recommend

My hunt for the best laundry detergent has come to an end! Thank you Green Llama for nailing it. My laundry smells and looks clean and feels soft without all the added junk. The washer’s compartments stay mildew free too. I also love what this company stands for….you can tell they care! 💕