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All Purpose Cleaner

Works very well with no smell. Swell! (poetry lol)


I love these products! They do a great job without the harsh chemicals or strong smell!

Green Llama - Sample pack (One of each)


New dishwasher tabs

I absolutely love the dishwasher tabs I recently purchased and used - they work better than the other brand I was using and I feel much better not buying plastic - great new product Green Llama!!!

Dishwasher Tabs

Clean dishes, no plastic, no fragrance; can't ask for more!
I am very happy with this product and love the cute green llama.
Dish soap is great as well; very gentle on my hands.

Very pleased with Solid Coconut Soap Dish Bar

The cleaning power of the Solid Coconut Soap Dish Bar has not failed me. I wash all my dishes by hand and use the soap bar exclusively. The big added bonus is cutting back on the use of plastics as packaging and product containers.

Works unbelievably well!

Honestly, I have been looking for plastic free dish soap for a while but unable to find anything that works, until now! Unbelievably, this soap cleans really, really well , and I don't have a strange film on my dishes when I'm done.
Right out of the package, I tried the soap and scrub brush. I quickly realized that I could just as easily use my biodegradable kitchen sponge on the solid soap as the scrub brush, but I also realized, I could replace my plastic scrub brush, with this one.....win, win, win.
I've been using the soap and brush for about 3 weeks now, and I can honestly say, I am not interested in going back to liquid detergent any time soon!

Really good

I have tried quite a few different bar dish soaps and this one, by far is the best! It makes lots of grease cutting bubbles that rinses completely off and is really gentle on my hands. Love it!!

Changed our preception

Not only do these products work very well, they also have an aesthetically pleasing look (the clear liquid, the glass bottles, etc.) that's opposite of the household cleaners we had been purchasing. The convenience factor of using the tablets is an added bonus to the sustainability factor.

Love it!

Great stuff! Cleans great without the chemicals and affordable l!

Just what I was looking for

I wanted to get away from using the dishwasher pods. I was never comfortable with the whole PVA thing. I found Green Llama by accident when searching for alternatives. I am so glad I did! These tabs make my dishes sparkling clean with zero film and no residue. I’ve already got them on subscription so I won’t run out. Great stuff!!

Loved how it cleaned with no harsh chemicals or smells . Cleaned my shower better that other products I have used


Will never get another laundry detergent again! Just started using and already more gentle on my skin!

Solid coconut soap dish bar

Love the dish soap bar! Sudsy and effective in cleaning dishes ,pots and pans. Plus no plastic bottles.

Love green llama products, and their customer service is great, too.

Wooden Laundry Scoop
Nikole Green
So far so good

I have not had to use it on any tougher stains yet, but it did get sandy type dirt out of my pants (Floridian over here) I will say sometimes my perfumes smell mildy lingers after a wash. Very midly you have to get your nose right up on it to smell it. I don't hold that against it though since it is mild, and since it is a very natural cleaning product with no scent. Over all that doesn't bother me considering how eco and people friendly it is. More so than most on the market right now.


Love the ease, efficiency and simplicity of the product and the set up. Cleans well without the harsh chemicals that make you cough and hate being in your clean house. Would highly recommend to everyone.

Dish Soap Pack

Works great on dishes. I may switch to using a long-handled brush but I understand that having a long-handled brush sitting on the counter next to the soap all the time would not be aesthetically pleasing. I still might prefer a glass container with a spray-liquid in it but don’t know how that would work in a kitchen.

Awesome cleaning products!

I am so happy with the Green Llama laundry detergent and all-purpose cleaning spray! They clean very effectively and I feel great knowing I am using products that are safe for my family and my dog. The owners of the company are very involved and truly care about making great products. The customer service has been fantastic and I will definitely be ordering again!!

Best detergent ever!

I seriously love this detergent. I have always struggled with sensitive skin, and I was really hesitant to try a new detergent, but the one I was using before came in a big plastic bottle and I hated using all that plastic. I'm thrilled that after using a full bag of this detergent, it seems to agree with my skin! It cleans well, is very affordable, and I love that it uses sustainable packaging.

Organic Cotton Multipurpose Towels

I actually use these to hand wash dishes
and glassware. The towels rinse off so easily with coconut soap and hot water and are ready to use again next time.
And they ARE saving me from buying so many paper towels!

Works Perfectly!

I love Green Llama Fragrance Free Detergent!

All- Purpose Cleaner

I absolutely love this cleaner! Not only does it do a fabulous job cleaning, it also smells so good!


I am super happy with my expert clean package! I love keeping my cleaning routine simple and friendly my four legged baby! My husband and I farm so finding a product that will actually get the mud and grease has been a challenge but the laundry powder does great!