Three Simple Steps

Fill - Add 16oz Warm Water

Drop - Tablets and wait till dissolved

Green Llama instruction redy to use cleaner

Clean - And enjoy powerful cleaning with natural ingredients

Keep it Simple

Explore the potential of our eco-friendly cleaning tablets to help reduce plastic pollution and energy waste. At Green Llama, we're committed to integrating these green solutions into your daily cleaning regimen. Follow these simple steps to use our refillable cleaning tablets:

1. Fill the bottle with 16 oz warm water.
2. Next, Drop your tablets into the bottle and wait for the tablets to fully dissolve. This should tale around 5 minutes. Remember, patience is key—do not shake the bottle. (All-Purpose and Bathroom require two tablets, Glass only needs one!)
3. Once the cleaning tablet has completely dissolved, your eco-friendly cleaning solution is ready for action. Return your sprayer nozzle to the bottle and "Have at it!"

If you have any questions about using our refillable cleaning tablets, our team is always ready to assist. Experience the ease and environmental benefits of tablet-based cleaning with Green Llama today.


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