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Reduce CO2 Emission Today with Green Llama Cleaners

The problem with shipping

  • The shipping industry is responsible for approximately 2.2% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions
  • CO2 emissions from shipping can lead to the acidification of the ocean
  • The warming effect of CO2 emissions from shipping contributes to global climate change
  • The environmental impacts of shipping are a growing concern

Reducing Shipping Weight Saves Energy

  • ~95% of the weight from single use surface spray cleaners is water
  • Water is heavy, by removing it from our products we dramatically reduce their weight. This, in turn, reduces the amount of fuel needed to transport them, leading to lower energy consumption and CO2 emissions.
  • Green Llama refills are 99.6% lighter than single use surface spray cleaners bought at the store

Water Not Included!

Lower Energy From Shipping Reduces Carbon Emissions

  • Green Llama refills weigh only 3 grams (0.1 Oz). Shipping cost much less energy, just ask the mail person.
  • Reduced Transportation: Refillable cleaning products often come in concentrated formulas that can be mixed with water at home, which reduces the need for transportation of large containers of pre-mixed cleaning solutions. This can lead to lower greenhouse gas emissions associated with transportation.

Now, it's Time for You to make the Switch to Green Llama

Overall, using Green Llama's surface cleaning products can help reduce your carbon footprint by reducing plastic waste, transportation emissions, and resource consumption, while also providing cost savings and more environmentally friendly cleaning options.

Our Community Agrees!

Imogene K.

Great Product

"Green Llama is a fantastic product--the smell is wonderful, like you are in a herb garden. The fact that you reuse the bottles and only have to order the small (very light) pods is so good for the environment and pocketbook. I have been very satisfied with the way the product cleans--leaves everything with a streak free clean as well as a lovely smell."

Lawson K.

Love them!

"We love all three cleaning products and use them regularly! The smell is the best, and they’re extremely effective at cleaning to boot. The fact that I have plenty of refills without having to go to the store and the environmentally-friendly aspect are big bonuses. 10/10 would recommend."


Eco friendly

"We purchased this product as advised by a family friend. We are trying to improve our plastic habits and wanted to give this cleaner a go. We were so impressed by the results! We've used it in the kitchen and it's amazing at getting rid of dried on stains on the hob and work surfaces... And it's better for the environment. Definitely a 10/10."

David M. K.

All you'll ever need

"Great products. The only set you'll ever need to buy again. Forget your cupboard full of plastic spray bottles. These work better, last longer and really help reduce your plastic waste.
Really helping me do my little bit to help protect the environment. Oh, and they clean really well too....."

Sheridan K.


"I know it might sound silly to be so excited about an all-purpose cleaner, but I am blown away by it! It is such a cool product that is enjoyable to use, works amazing, and smells great. I'm always looking for easy ways to be more environmentally conscious, and this was perhaps the simplest and most rewarding eco-friendly change I've ever made. Way to go Green Llama!!"

Join Green Llama's Low Carbon Cleaning Movement

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