What is Green Llama?

Who is behind Green Llama?

Are you cruelty-free?

How is Green Llama Clean contributing to the community?

How can I contact Green Llama Clean if I have more questions?

How can I get involved in Green Llama Clean's environmental initiatives?

How can I contact Green Llama Clean's customer service?

Does Green Llama collaborate with other businesses for environmental initiatives?

Can I purchase Green Llama Clean's products in physical stores?

What methods of payment does Green Llama Clean accept?

What is Green Llama Clean's 100% Clean Home Guarantee?

How is Green Llama committed to sustainability?


What is the product subscription service for Green Llama Cleaners?

How do I access the product subscription service?

What are the benefits of the product subscription service?


What are the benefits of Green Llama's products?

How does it work?

How much Laundry Powder to use on regular and thougher laundry days?

Are your ingredients non-toxic/ biodegradable?

Are you cruelty-free?

Is this a disinfectant?

Why has my cleaner gone a little cloudy?

Why doesn't my cleaner smell as strongly?

What are your bottles made of?

Do my Green Llama glass bottles need to be cleaned?

Can I use Green Llama Clean's products on all surfaces?

Where are Green Llama Clean's products made?

What if a product I want is out of stock?

What is the shelf life of Green Llama Clean products?

Can I subscribe to Green Llama Clean's products?

What is a Green Llama solid dish soap bar?

What are the benefits of Green Llama Clean's products?

What are the environmental benefits of using Green Llama Clean's products?

Are Green Llama Clean's products vegan and cruelty-free?

Is the packaging of Green Llama Clean's products recyclable?

What does it mean that your products are "biodegradable"?

Are Green Llama Clean products septic-safe?

What is TVA certification in Green Llama packaging?

What is Green Llama's packaging made from?

Are Green Llama products non-toxic?

How do the refill tablets work?

Where should I load Green Llama laundry powder in my washing machine?

Do I need to use Green Llama bottles for your cleaning solutions?


Where do you ship?

How does carbon neutral shipping work?

Can I return my purchase?

How do I prepare my item for a return?

Will I be charged for return shipping?

How long does it take to receive a refund?

What items are non-returnable?

How does Green Llama ensure a sustainable return process?