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Meet our wonderful CEO and Co-Founder, Kay Baker

by Kay Baker on May 01, 2022

Meet our wonderful CEO and Co-Founder, Kay Baker

A Love for Nature and Culture

Kay grew up in South Louisiana, and while she loves her home food and culture, the mountains brought her to East Tennessee. She loves spending her time doing all things outdoors, especially when she gets to spend it with her 2 dogs and Matt (in that order). Kay is a fully qualified occupational therapist who specializes in working with children, and whilst she loves this work, she is hugely passionate about the environment.

Turning Passion into Purpose

Early in 2020, she and Matt (her husband), a practicing neuroscientist, came up with a project to reduce the huge amount of plastic under the sink. Kay took aim at reducing single-use plastic in the cleaning industry. During COVID, she worked with Matt to convert their garage into a laboratory where they tested a great number of formulations, cross-referencing ingredients found on the EPA’s safer choice list and EWG’s database to create safe and effective surface cleaning ingredients. Green Llama was born.

A Vision for Sustainable Change

She believes when everyone makes small sustainable changes, we can make a huge impact.


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