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Shop refill and support the local economy

by Kay Baker on Jan 15, 2023

refill stores are a great way to pick up your Green Llama cleaners

Refill stores are a great way to reduce our plastic use and support the local economy. Refill stores offer a variety of products – from cleaning supplies to food and personal care items – that are sold in bulk quantities, typically using reusable containers instead of single-use plastic packaging. Refill stores not only reduce plastic waste, they also help to save money, since consumers pay only for what they need and not for any packaging. Additionally, refill stores create economic opportunities for local businesses, as they provide a convenient, low-cost alternative to buying single-use plastic products. Refill stores can help to create a more sustainable economy and reduce our dependence on single-use plastic items. As more people become aware of the environmental and economic benefits of refill stores, the number of refill stores is likely to grow.

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