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The Cost of Water
Have you ever considered how much energy is required to transport 1 gallon of water? A single gallon of water weighs in at approximately 4.5 kilograms or 10 Ib. Every day, cleaning products are shipped all over the country (and the world), with the foremost ingredient being water, yes regular old H2O, the same stuff that comes out of the kitchen tap. The end result being that huge amounts of energy are required to ship this extra weight from its production site to the local store or your front door. We refined our cleaning products to eliminate water and send you the dry ingredients for you to reformulate.
Biodegradable Materials and Ingredients
Our ingredients have been selected to minimize risk to the environment, occur naturally or are derived from natural sources. As such, you can find our ingredients on the Environmental protection Agencies’ Safer Choice list (, and you will not find them on either the EWG Unacceptable List or the Prop 65 Banned Ingredients List.
Save Money
Choosing environmentally friendly doesn’t have to be expensive. Buying Green Llama will save you money over the long term.

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