All-Purpose Refills (Pack of 3 or 6)


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Already have a bottle, try the refills. Just add to 16 oz of water for grease fighting, grime beating eco-friendly clean. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Gay Hardee
Love green llama products.

I use green llama cleaners for all my cleaning - eco friendly and love the light fresh scents -

Madolyn McCall
Smells amazing, cleans even better!

My friend had gotten some eco friendly cleaners that cost so much more than these ones and they weren't even half as good. I thought about getting the same ones as her, but couldn't afford them. I was doing a search, and found Green Llama. I was sceptical, not going to lie. But after I started using them, I was astounded at how easy the process was! Plus, they smell so good. It gives my home a wonderful smell. All of that is great, but most importantly it cleans really well. I have 3 kids and 3 animals and I use it on everything. Our walls, stove, counters, toilet etc. Not only do I tell everyone about Green Llama, I'm going to get this product until I die.

Emily Hollomon
Green clean = best clean

Must have for households with children or pets that like to "taste" your surfaces. The all purpose cleaner has the best smell of any household cleaner I've ever used. Bleach punches you in the face with its sterile hospital smell, it makes me dizzy and I have animals that lick all our surfaces. Bleach is a no no for us! And there's no plastics to give me guilt, since I also bought the bottles with dissolve pods. Shipping was hella fast, too!