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All-Purpose cleaning kit


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Tackle grease and grime on any surface. Simply drop a pod into 16 oz of water for a powerful and refreshing clean.

  • Glass All-Purpose spray bottle
  • Three Lemongrass scented All-Purpose refill pods
  • Optional clear silicone sleeve, to protect your glass bottle from bump
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Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Kathy Ainley

5 stars is best, i guess? I bought my second kit because i wanted one in my bathroom and one in my kitchen! Great cleaning products. Also, love cotton cleaning cloths!

Sheridan Keeler

I know it might sound silly to be so excited about an all-purpose cleaner, but I am blown away by it! It is such a cool product that is enjoyable to use, works amazing, and smells great. I'm always looking for easy ways to be more environmentally conscious, and this was perhaps the simplest and most rewarding eco-friendly change I've ever made. Way to go Green Llama!!

Allison Keppinger

Love this product so much AND I also love how it looks on my counter!
The monochromatic design and glass bottle fits perfectly in my kitchen. Everything down to the silicone base looks great and assures that I don't shatter any glass while I am scrubbing away.
This is a no brainer. Feel good knowing you are using eco friendly products that actually work and that look good, because cleaning should be pretty.


Chelsea Mathews

New baby plus earth-conscious thoughts make Green Llama an easy yes for us! I have loved using their all purpose cleaner in the kitchen so far. Fresh clean scent and cuts through the daily counter top crud with ease!

Pete Anderson
Hands down my favorite spray cleaner

My wife found this product a little while back and turns out it’s fantastic. Our interest was initially peaked by the eco friendly mission of the company but what has made us repeat customers is the fact that the products work. They clean our messes (we have kids and dogs) and smell good and I’m not worried about disgusting harmful chemicals that I may get from other sprays. Thanks so much. Keep doing what you’re doing!