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Plastic Free July competition information

by Kay Baker on Jul 01, 2022

About Plastic Free July:

For “Plastic Free July”, Green Llama is running several competitions to promote plastic free July, a movement helping millions of people solve the plastic pollution problem together. At Green Llama, we developed surface cleaners that eliminate plastic to the maximum extent possible, using packaging that is compostable, we are truly “waste free”. Using Green Llama is an easy way to reduce your carbon, and plastic footprint. Click here to find the best eco-cleaners in the business.  
Week 1
Competition: Shop plastic free:
  • When picking produce, try to avoid plastic bags
  • Use Paper bags or reusable bags
Week 2
Competition: Post about your tips for going plastic free:
  • When picking produce, try to avoid plastic bags
  •             Use Paper bags or reusable bags
  •         Use Green Llama
  •             Take a reusable coffee cup to get your morning coffee
Week 3
Competition: Pick as much trash up as you can:
  • While its plastic free July, any trash counts
Week 4
Competition: Tell your plastic free story:
  • Can be on social media or email
  • What have you done to change routines to eliminate plastic from your daily routine


How to win:

Follow and Tag us in a social (Instagram/Facebook) media post/reel/story with a post relevant to the competition theme.
When you follow and tag us, you’ll be entered into a draw at the end of the week and the winner will be announced by email or direct message.



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