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Our Natural Cleaning Refills are Changing! Tablets are on the way

by Matt Keasey on Jun 15, 2023

Our Natural Cleaning Refills are Changing! Tablets are on the way

Hi, all.  

As you can see from the headline, we have decided to switch from our pods to tablets and I would like to explain how and why.  

First, our priority has always been how to make our products better, from a sustainable and functional standpoint. This includes changes to the products themselves as well as the packaging. I would like to take you back to the origins of Green Llama.  

Green Llama, or the idea that would become Green Llama, began in March 2020 - when the COVID pandemic and restrictions were beginning. One of our biggest decisions in those early days was the form that our cleaning products should take. Kay preferred a stick pack, where the user tears and pours powder into a bottle. I wanted to explore what we could use to reduce those extra steps in getting from a packaged product to a bottled cleaner. We brainstormed many ideas that we thought might work. We thought about “sugar paper” - the edible type on cupcakes as a kid. During further research, we found polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) - one of the most widely used materials in the cleaning market. Long story short, I did a LOT of research on its biodegradability and toxicity profile and we decided this would be the best fit for us and our brand. After optimizing our formulas and preparing to launch, we received some unwelcome news. Blueland, a competitor, launched a media war on PVA to boost their own products. Unjustified in our POV, but it is beside the point. In short, the head winds were too strong for a start-up like Green Llama. We took the opportunity to develop ourselves further and began further research into alternatives.  

In a happy coincidence, one of our mentors advised us to read about tablets and that this might be a great fit for Green Llama. He even rigged a setup using piping, a mallet, and some plywood to create our first tablet…  we were impressed. So, we looked further into the tablets and found several advantages for you as a user and for the environment: 

  1. Enhanced Convenience: Tablets provide unparalleled convenience. Tablets can be easily dropped directly into water, making the refill process quick and hassle-free. No need to shake the bottle anymore after adding the refills to the bottle. 
  2. Reduced Packaging Waste: Our switch to tablets has significantly reduced packaging waste – a change that we’re super proud of.  
  3. Customizable Usage: Tablets offer a fantastic opportunity for customization. Customers can easily adjust the dilution ratio by adding more or less tablets - based on their specific cleaning needs. This allows our customers to tailor the cleaning solution's strength according to different surfaces or levels of dirt. An altogether more versatile and efficient cleaning experience. From a manufacturing perspective, it also offers us a level of customization that we did not have before. For example, we can make a customizable fragrance for thanksgiving or Christmas. Do you not like fragrances at all? We can do that too.  
  4. Improved Stability and Freshness: Tablets have a longer shelf life because the solid form allows improved preservation of the active ingredients. Tablets keep their potency and freshness better than pods, meaning the same high-quality cleaning results from the first tablet in your bundle to the last. 
  5. Price: Importantly, we can lower our costs. Producing tablets transforms our production capacity and makes everything a little easier, with fewer steps in the process. Better for the environment and for our customers.    

In short, tablets are a great alternative. Our transition from pods to tablets is a game-changer for our eco-friendly surface cleaner refills. Convenience, packaging, efficient shipping, customizable usage, and improved stability are some of the greatest benefits of this transition. We remain dedicated to innovating and improving our products to bring you the best eco-friendly, sustainable cleaning experiences around. 

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